A Complete Guide To Pushable Objects in TombEngine

Updated on 20 November 2023

What are Pushable Objects? #

These game elements open doors to player interaction—push, pull, and climb. They’re keys to puzzle-solving, adding depth to your levels. In a level designer’s arsenal, pushable objects shine. Craft puzzles, set obstacles, reveal secrets or create challenging platforms. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Stay tuned as we explore TEN engine implementation, new features, and practical tips in upcoming posts. Elevate your level design game with pushable objects!

Installation – Bringing Pushables to Life #

  1. Ready to breathe life into your levels with pushable objects? Here’s a simple guide: Use WadTool to create a new WAD2. Add a pushable object from another wad you’ve got (for example, we’ve got this one in the resource: HERE). Then save and close WadTool.

  2. Open Tomb Editor. Navigate to Level Settings, then Object Files. Click ‘Add,’ select the wad with your pushable object then Press Apply and OK.

  3. Your pushable object is now on the level! Find ‘Pushable_Object’ and ‘Pushable_Object_Climbable’ in the Items window. Drag them onto the level floor and compile your level.

  4. Jump in-game, and witness your pushable creations in action!

Climbables vs Objects. #

Pushable Objects. #

Dynamic and versatile, rooted in Tomb Raider’s legacy. Players can push, pull, trigger, and craft puzzles seamlessly.

Climbable Pushables. #

A nostalgic revival! Originally climbable in Tomb Raider 1-3, they lost their ascent in Tomb Raider 4. Now, with a simplified setup, they’re back to their climbing glory. The magic? Their height is effortlessly configured in Wadtool’s collision box. No more complex formulas—just intuitive design!

In Wadtool you can resize the collision box by pressing the button calculate or setting the values manually in the Resize area, for higher control.

OCB + 1: Allows to push pushable through edges #

Pushables defy physics! Enjoy new animations made by as they smoothly glide through the edges.

OCB + 2: Do NOT align at center. #

Embrace control! By adding +2 to the OCB, players can grab pushables without automatic centring (Due to a bug in 1.2, this will be coming in the next version).

OCB + 4: Is Buoyant #

Float or sink! In water rooms, OCB +4 turns pushables into buoyant wonders, gracefully floating to the surface.

OCB + 8: Classic Block Animations #

Revisit tradition! OCB +8 invokes the classic TR1-TR3 block push animation, a nostalgic touch for Lara enthusiasts.

OCB Table #

Use the table below to find the correct OCB.

OCBCan Push DownNot CenteringIs BuoyantClassic Animations