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Drowning Effect Tutorial

Learn how to setup the “drowning death” animation for Lara in Tomb Engine.

OCB and Setup Instructions

TEN has lots of new OCB (Object Code Bits) in addition to legacy ones. Click here to find them out!

Creating An Ammo Counter.

In this tutorial, I shall demonstrate how to create an ammo counter in TombEngine. In order to fully complete this tutorial you need knowledge of: a basic understanding of how variables works a basic understanding of how decision-making works (if else statement work) a basic understanding of logical operators. <pre class=’line-numbers theme-okaidia’ data-show-toolbar=’yes’><code class=’language-lua’>LevelFuncs.OnControlPhase = Creating An Ammo Counter.

TEN Node function script files metadata references

Overview This folder contains lua script files which will be referenced by both TE and TEN to work with node trigger system.TE uses metadata from comments in these files to build UI, while TEN uses actual functions to execute node scripts. On level compile, all files from this directory are copied to TEN ScriptsNodeCatalogs folder TEN Node function script files metadata references

Legacy Sound Overrides

Here you will find some handy files that will allow a builder to very quickly and easily change ALL of Lara’s sounds from their default TR4 sounds to another entry in the series. Installation. Open your project in Tomb Editor, open the level settings and goto the “Sound Infos” page. Next, load the TRx_Override.xml cataloge Legacy Sound Overrides