How to Convert a Custom Outfit for TombEngine

Updated on 17 December 2023

In this quick tutorial: I will demonstrate how to convert a custom outfit for use in TombEngine. I will be using the TR3 FMV Outfit and convert it for usage in custom levels build with TombEngine.

1) Open WadTool and create a new WAD2
2) Set this new WAD2 to TR4
3) Open up the outfit you want as your source.
4) Highlight all the entries on the right and press "Add object" and they will move over to the right.
5) Save the WAD2 as anything you like. You will need this in a moment.
6) Still in Wadtool: goto "Tools" > "Convert wad to TombEngine" and select the WAD2 you've just saved.
7) Jump over to Tomb Editor, and go to "Tools > "Level Settings".
8) Go to "Object Files" and press the + icon and add the WAD2 you've just saved in Wadtool to the top of your list. Tip: you can click and drag to re-arrange.
9) Build your level and you're done!