Welcome To TombEngine

Introducing TombEngine (TEN): The Ultimate Open-Source Engine for Custom Tomb Raider Levels

In 2000, Core Design delighted fans with the release of the Tomb Raider Level Editor, enabling players to create their own custom levels. Now, taking the editor to new heights, we proudly present TombEngine (TEN), an open-source engine that surpasses all previous limitations.

TEN, powered by the native scripting language Lua, not only supports all objects from the classic Tomb Raider series (1-5), but also introduces exciting gameplay features like diagonal shimmying and expanded crawlspace flexibility. With a larger 2D map, you can now construct massive levels, pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Beyond cosmetic changes, TEN has undergone a complete overhaul, modernization, and improvement of its codebase. This ensures a more professional and maintainable foundation, eliminating previous workarounds.

Join the vibrant TEN community on our Discord server here, where you can share your contributions and ideas. 

Unleash your imagination and create awe-inspiring Tomb Raider levels with TEN. Get started today!